It really has been a while since our last post for which we’re sorry!  Just a quick update to say that since the end of the excavation all of the pottery, coins, charcoal samples, bones and archaeobotanical samples have been away with the specialists for detailed analysis.


Annotated aerial photo of the excavation highlighting the location of some of the main features excavated. Copyright Community Heritage and Archaeology

Whilst this has been going on the site archaeologist have been compiling the excavation report.  This has included the digitising of the site paper records, including the plans, and development of a site narrative.


Roman red enamelled disc-brooch after a good clean. Copyright Community Heritage and Archaeology Consultancy

The students of Hereford Sixth Forms College have also been hard at work, pulling upon various aspects of the investigation to develop their coursework.

We are now not far off the completion of the excavation report.  All of the specialist analysis is now complete and their results are being fed into the site report.

We are also stepping up a gear to design the display board for Credenhill Social Club along with the booklet.

It is hoped the final celebration event will be held the last weekend of January 2017, however we will confirm this soon.



Digitised Section Plan of the Trench depicting the wall foundations, floor surfaces and location of each layer of soil/deposit encountered during the excavation



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