Explore The Trench

In order to record, visualise and allow the public and specialists alike to visit and explore the early 2nd century pottery kiln beyond the project and once the trench had been filled back in; Aerial-Cam were commissioned to produce a 3D model of the excavation.

The model was produced by mounting a camera on a mast and taking vertical and oblique images of the entirety of the trench, with additional photos taken from the inside of the kiln.  Once complete the photos were meshed together to produce a 3D model.



Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam recording the trench during the final week of excavation. Copyright Christopher Atkinson

 During Adam’s visit he also took a series of photographs of the column base retrieved from the upper fill of the ash pit located to one side of the kiln.  He has subsequently stitched these images together and created a 3D image for all to explore.



2 thoughts on “Explore The Trench

  1. I have built and fired two kilns almost identical with yours. One for an M.Litt and another for an experiment conversion to a double-flue upright. There have been 10 firings of my two single flue kilns – five to be published, five in my M.Litt (1979) deposited at Lancaster University


    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for that. One of the questions to come up was how many times might it have been fired. I don’t suppose I would be able to get a copy of your M.Litt? What is the full reference of it so that I could take a look? Thanks again


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